Jira Tempo integration to Tripletex (TEOS)

The software is distributed under the MIT Licence.

We offer a hosted solution for $59 pr. month and custom development for $160 per hour.

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Our Jira Tempo integration helps you to invoice clients based on time tracking done in Jira Tempo. As a consultant company that invoices our clients based on hours spent, we ended up with two separate systems for billing. Jira Tempo for time tracking and reporting and Tripletex as our financial system. Before we created the system we manually generated reports for each client in tempo and copy pasted over information to Tripletex to invoice our clients. As we grew as a company and ended up invoicing more than 30 clients each month this became a large task and we felt that the room for error in our invoicing was present as it was all manual work.

How does the integration work?

In our integration, clients are registered in Tripletex and then transferred to Jira. In Jira Tempo we are using as much functionality as possible, as an example in Jira Tempo, a customer can have several accounts and when a consultant track hours on an account linked to the customer the client will receive a report and an invoice for hours spent. However, In Jira Tempo there is not an option to set cost pr. resource and other configurations related to billing on customers and employees so we ended up creating a layer in between in the integration to save all the information on clients that we needed. We call this layer for Tiny Elephant Operating System (TEOS).

In TEOS you can set individual prices per team member and client as well as billing intervals per client. Employees are imported from Jira with their role (ex. senior developer) and you are able to set the price for that role pr client. You are also able to set billing information for subcontractors, customer emails for reports generated, and more.



  • Import customers from the financial system to Jira Tempo customers (ex Tripeltex)

  • Set hourly rate pr. role.

  • Set hourly rate pr. client.

  • Set billing interval.

  • Send reports to the client via email on hours spent pr. resource.

  • Send orders to financial system (ex. Tripletex)

  • Send invoices for subcontractors


System requirements

  • Jira

  • Tempo for Jira

  • Tripletex