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Sortbot is a program that sorts the order of products in each category based on user behavior. Sortbot is integrated with Google analytics and updates categories via API to the e-commerce store.

What problem does it solve?

In an e-commerce store, we have a default sorting on categories that we can manage in the admin panel. A product can be in many categories and the same product could have a different position in different categories. It is next to impossible to set these manually for every product and maintain it, not to mention how do you know that the position that you end up setting is the correct one? Most stores needs to find a way to sort them based on statistical input.

Why does not sorting on “Bestsellers” or “Most visited” solve the problem?

As seen in the image below has tried to solve this by sorting on most views.


The most common solution for this problem is to sort them by sales or views over a period of time, but unfortunately, this is a technique where it is hard to distinguish if we sell more or have more views because it is sorted high or it is actually a good product. Sorting, therefore, becomes self-reinforced and does not have a feedback loop to show products that users interact with high up in the categories. It is also a problem for new products that have not yet achieved sales figures and visitors.


How does Sortbot work

Sortbot uses statistics generated by google analytics so no extra tracking script is needed, and is designed to communicate with the API of your e-commerce store so there is no need for added functionality in your ecommers store as long as you have the option to set position in category via your api.

Sortbot sets the position in Magento admin via API on every product in every category based on multiple factors and user behaviors. It is also designed to learn, and put products that is not highly ranked higher up for a small period of time to discover if it is a viable product or not. It calculates based on visitors how many views a product needs to get data that are significant so that we know for sure if we are not missing opportunities in products that are in the bottom of the category. It also calculates the optimal time frame for the statistics so that we set the time frame as low as possible and get a faster-reacting algorithm. Sortbot take stock status, visibility, and sales into consideration but the most important factor is a products view time and clicks. This is under the hypothesis that if a user stays longer on a site, the more likely he or she is to find a product that interest him and that he purchases something. The main idea is show the user products that he is interested in clicking on and buying.


System requirements

  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

Works with

  • Magento 2

  • Any e-commerce store with an API that can set position in category.

Built with

  • Django