How to use Tiny Elephant Service Desk

You can find the Tiny Elephant Service Desk here:

Why we use the service desk

The Tiny Elephant service desk is the best tool to submit your request or inquiry to us. By submitting the request via the service desk you will get the following benefits:


  • Request delivery

    It is guaranteed that your request is delivered to our team immediately, registered and queued for processing.


  • Appropriate reaction

    The service desk is constantly monitored and every request is seen by all our specialists. Request type and request priority helps us determine what it is about and the urgency of the matter.


  • Nothing is forgotten

    Everything is documented and stored. Everyone can easily get the required information about the task and will never loose it.


  • Tracking

    Everyone is aware of request status and follows its progress. Keeping everyone involved updated - including you - is key.


  • Understanding

    The service desk allows you and us to describe the task by different means, like text, images and video. That helps us to understand the issue better, communicate and achieve the most correct implementation.



How to use the service desk

1. Sign Up and Log In

To reach the the Tiny Elephant service desk use the following web link and press log in.

If you don’t have an account yet, please Sing up and create one by following the instructions on your screen.


2. Submitting a Request

2.1 Request types

There are six request types available:

  • Magento help and guidance

  • Request design changes

  • Request new functionality

  • Issues regarding Integration

  • Report a bug

  • Other request


Please remember that by selecting the right request type you are already halfway to your goal.


Magento help and Guidance.

If you have questions on how to operate the Magento Admin Panel, you have difficulties with configuration tasks, or there is something you don’t know about Magento functionality, we will do our best to provide the best solution to achieve your goal, and to find the best answer for your question. An example of a typical question here would be how to set up a specific campaign using Magento Catalog Price Rules.


Request design changes.

In case you are not satisfied with the current design of your store and would like to change something or you would like to develop a new one, this is the request type to do that. A detailed description and design sketches is very helpful for us. If you don’t have that, we can help you make them!


Request new functionality.

There may be some kind of new functionality you would like to implement that is not supported by the webshop out of the box. We would be happy to develop it for you. If you already know every edge and curve of your new idea, please submit the best description you can provide, or we’ll come back with a lot of questions. We do like to ask questions. If you have just a fuzzy idea, we will help you to develop a good blueprint we could start working with.


Issues regarding Integration.

Magento is very flexible in terms of integration with third party systems, and it may interact with them by means of the already developed modules, that are available on the magento marketplace. We will install and test it for you. If we don’t already have something that suits your needs, we will develop a new integration for you. Also we will be happy to provide any help and answer any question regarding already functioning integrations.


Report a bug.

In case you see that your Magento store functions in an unexpected way, for example, the order is not submitted or product functionality is broken and some options are not accessible . It means there is a bug. A good description of the bug is crucial for the issue resolution. The better the description is, the faster we are able to find the solution.


Other request

Please use this type of request if non of the above types works for you. Please, be very specific to describe you request, as the better we understand it the quicker we can provide you with a good solution.

2.2. Request summary

The request summary is basically a title of your request. The summary should be as specific as possible. Here are some examples of summaries we would appreciate.


For “Magento help and guidance” type requests:

  • Configuration of a new cms page

  • How to configure a price rule

  • Configuration of the “Shipping Method name”. How to add the rates.


For “Request design changes” type requests:

  • Change the design for only for the “category name” category.

  • New design for the store header

  • Change the formatting for the all product names.


For “Request new functionality” type requests:

  • Add custom fields to the Order Data Grid

  • Set up “Excellent module”

  • Create new type of product “product type”


For “Issues regarding Integration” type requests:

  • Error when trying to receive the orders.

  • No connection to online payment provider “provider name”.

  • ERP receives broken customer data.

For “Report a bug.” type requests:

  • Order is not submitted for the guest users.

  • Can’t select the option of the “Nice Product”

  • Design on product page is corrupted.


For “Other request” type:

  • Update Magento version from 2.2.1 to 2.3.5

  • Move the store to another server

  • Help to decide which module to install “Module1” vs “Module2”.

2.3. Request priority

There are three priority types available:

  • Critical priority

  • High priority

  • Regular priority

By default the regular priority is selected.


Critical Priority issues are the highest priority tasks and require the fastest response time and solution. These are the emergency tasks. When we see the tasks like that, we abandon everything and rush to this one. Please, be very responsible when selecting this priority. As the “firefighters” don’t like fake calls. An issue of critical priority is one that blocks the functioning of your store. The web site is not reachable or customers can’t log in or submit an order.


High Priority tasks are the tasks that we solve first. If you have submitted other tasks, they will be put on hold till the moment the high priority tasks are solved. For example, a marketing campaign is planned, and you would like to apply some changes in your design before the campaign starts, or there is something wrong with the coupon and the customer can’t use the promised discount.


Regular Priority means for us that it should be done quickly and with high quality. On these tasks we work at normal pace and try to work out thoroughly every detail of you request.


2.4 Request Description

This section is the most important of all. The description of a task is as a blueprint for us. The better it is structured and detailed, the better it is comprehended and better realized. Any form of your description is welcome and helpful, it may be a picture or even “War and Peace” long text. We will discuss with you every item of it and make sure that we are all on the same page.

We would appreciate if you follow the patterns bellow to describe the issue for every request type.


Magento help and guidance”

  • Goal

    Example: Apply a 10% discount for the products in the Outlet category.

  • Detailed request info

    Example: We would like to apply a 10% discount for some products in the Outlet category. What type of rules can we use for this and how can we group those products for the discount.


Request design changes”

  • Target page

    Example: Category Page + link to the page.

  • Image example

  • Applied styles for every element, such as colors and fonts.


Request new functionality”

  • Goal

  • Workflow explanation

  • Data flow explanation

  • Applied design


Issues regarding Integration”

  • Integration name

  • Error message (if applicable)

  • Step by step problem explanation

  • Steps to reproduce (if aplicable)


Report a bug”

  • Area of application (Frontend store, Admin Panel, Catalog, Chackout etc.)

  • Brief description of the problem

  • Steps to reproduce

  • Helpful screen shots or video.

  • Expected behavior


Other request

Anyway we will ask a lot of questions :), but please describe it the best you can.

3. Response Time

Response time varies for every request type and depends on request priority.

We have the following approximate time frames for every priority.


Regular priority: 8 hours

High priority: 4 hours

Critical priority: 2 hours


Every request is important for us and we do our best to provide the quickest response for every request type and to provide our best service.

4. Request Workflow

At every stage of the task processing, the task changes its status. You can track the progress and leave comments for us if you have any question or something to update.

Waiting for Tiny Elephant. This is a default status for the new request. It means, the request will be processed shortly.

The issue is planned. We have reviewed your request, made approximate estimation, and it’s queued for the resolution.

Work in progress. We do our best and work hard to resolve the task.

Blocked by another issue. We have discovered, that we can not proceed as there is another issue that blocks the current task to be resolved, or there is a new issue that should be done first. The blocking issue will be connected to this one.

Awaiting approval from client. It means, this issues requires your attention. And we would like you to make some decisions. Whether it is planned estimation or change of a text font.

Waiting for client’s response. We have some questions for you. We like to ask questions, as it helps us to be sure we do exactly what you want.

In test and quality control. We have a good solution, the work is completed, and we are running some tests and try to break our excellent code. This makes us confident everything will work smoothly and as planned.

Done. Congratulations! You have achieved your goal. And we are happy to make you happy.

Canceled. It’s life. It happens. We all may change our mind.



We are open for communication via every channel, email, slack, phone, jira. We want you to reach us any time you have any question. Do you remember ? We do like questions.

We will appreciate if you use Jira Tiny Elephant Service Desk, as the benefits described above are really good.

Every task is assigned to one or a group of our specialists. So you will communicate directly with the person, who works with your task. This approach helps us to be confident that your message is delivered correctly and you get the quick and professional response.

We welcome you to our team!