Magento 2 integration with Tripletex

kr 390 pr. month

kr 390 pr. month

Integration with support for Tripletex' Logistics module with inventory control is an optional add-on with a total cost of 990 NOK per month for the integration.

The module is free of charge and we offer tailored customatizations for clients with a Tiny Elephant support and hosting agreement. Contact for more information

Tripletex is a Norwegian accounting system with an optional extra module that adds stock keeping on products.

Our Tripletex integration automatically sends all orders from Magento 2 to Tripletex for accounting purposes.

What is transferred?

  • Orders with

    • Customers

    • Stock updates on products

    • Shipping cost

    • Payment method (Can be modified by account in Tripletex)

  • Stock status from Tripletex if needed. (Included in the package with support for Tripletex Logistics module)

  • Simple products from Tripletex to Magento if stock status is needed. (Included in the package with support for Tripletex Logistics module)


Other options we can implement if needed on an hourly rate agreement:

  • Transfer old orders that were done before the integration was implemented

  • Implement functionality for returns

  • Multiple countries with multiple Tripletex integrations

  • Send orders to Tripletex so that it is possible to use invoicing in Tripletex as a payment method with EHF billing.

  • Use Multiple warehouses through Magento MSI


Structure of the integration

The integration is built on the Max Layer integration platform from Tiny Elephant. Max Layer is an separate platform built on the Symphony framework and not a Magento module. It communicates with Magento and Tripletex via their APIs and is run in a separate instance in the cloud.


System requirements

  • Magento 2

  • Tripletex with access to API